Experiences at The Preserve

3,500 Acres of Adventure

Something Unforgettable, Every Day

Each day at The Preserve we offer a variety of activities that allow our guests to connect with nature and enjoy the best of the sporting life. The bounty of activities makes The Preserve a fun, adventurous or leisurely place to visit, where guests can experience incredible amenities and facilities across all of our 3,500 acres.

Complimentary daily activities include swimming, guided tours of The Preserve, fly fishing, fishing clinics, children’s activities like a fun frog hunt (seasonal), and more. Other activities are scheduled that feature a nominal fee, like s’mores and stargazing, our Scotch & Cigar Safari Tent experience and culinary activities. Activities change with the seasons but you can preview our upcoming activities calendar below.

The Dining Experience of A Lifetime

Rejuvenate the body. Recharge the mind. Reanimate the spirit.

Capture the Enchantment of The Holidays at The Preserve

The Preserve’s Main Dining Room

Thrill of the Hunt

Tallest Tower Stands in The Northeast

Shooting sports are the heart and soul of The Preserve

Treat Yourself Well

Taking Care of Body & Mind

Ready, Aim, Release!

Shooting sports are the heart and soul of The Preserve

The Serene Challenge of Golf

Perfect Your Game

Aerial Adventure

Hit the Trails

Trail Riding Adventur – ATVs

Treat Yourself Well

Oceanside Medical at The Preserve