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The Preserve
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New England’s Finest Sporting Club! Nothing Else Like it in The Country.

Enjoy the Sporting Life!

Home Living Made Easy and Exceptional

The Preserve at Boulder Hills Club & Residences proudly offers an eclectic variety of home ownership options. Luxury residences are built on-site in a host of styles and settings and with endless opportunities for customization.

Reward Yourself with the Lifestyle You Earned

The Preserve at Boulder Hills is best appreciated as a lifestyle – one that celebrates both parts of the term. Life, in all of nature’s glory. And a style of living where unspoiled nature and refined luxury find common ground. We are currently accepting new Preserve families into a limited number of member positions. Build memories … inspired by 3,500 acres of unique, indelible experiences. Build a legacy … of adventure, exclusivity, and serenity … to be passed to future generations.

Shooting Sports
The Preserve - Signatures Residences

Living at The Preserve

Imagine making your home in an idyllic retreat where the journey from refined luxury to 3500 acres of unspoiled nature is a simple matter of opening your front door. Welcome home to Adventure, Exclusivity and Serenity.

The Sporting Shoppe

Set in a handsome 50,000 sf lodge and created in the tradition of history’s legendary expedition outfitters, The Sporting Shoppe is a one-of-a-kind shopping destination for sporting enthusiasts. Here you’ll find everything from bespoke firearms and knives, to camping gear, kayaks and canoes, to outerwear, and even formalwear and cigars. Additionally, the Shoppe’s outfitting program provides access to the best hunting and fishing guides from across the globe.

The Preserve - The Sporting Shoppe
Overnight Accommodations & Dining

Overnight Accommodations & Dining

The Preserve Sporting Club is now part of The Ocean House Collection, a distinguished group of award-winning luxury resorts and hotels in New England.  The Club is now offering well-appointed overnight accommodations and dining, resort amenities and special activities for overnight guests.

The Range

Introducing America’s longest indoor automated range with programmable target retrieval systems and lanes over 150-YARDS! The Range at The Preserve is truly the ultimate shooting experience, with 24 stations including rifle, pistol, archery, plus Firearms Training Simulation (FATS®) and Golf Simulation rooms. This state-of-the art facility also includes VIP member lounges, reach-in humidor, and more. Plus, The Range Academy offers a wide curriculum of firearms classes for all skill levels.

The Preserve - The Range
Private Events & Corporate Retreats

Private Events & Corporate Retreats

Single and multi-day events take full advantage of The Preserve’s unmatched array of meeting, dining, and sporting facilities. On-site lodging and professional car services are always available. Enjoy golf, tennis, sporting clays, zip lining, and so much more. Let our team handle the hard work while your team or guests enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Your Wedding

Your wedding day, one of life’s most profound and intimate passages, to be relived with joy for a lifetime. Imagine the memories you’ll make on your wedding day at The Preserve, in the midst of nature resplendent, in the comfort of unabashed luxury.

Your Wedding
At Home in Nature

At Home in Nature

The Preserve supports a unique lifestyle where unspoiled nature and refined luxury find common ground. Nowhere is this description more powerfully illustrated than in the diverse lodging options strategically sited within our 3,500 pristine acres. Global cultures have inspired modern variations on timeless designs. Originating in the tundra of Mongolia are yurts, rugged enough to withstand the harshest elements yet boasting luxurious interiors that define glamping. Stunning treehouses seem to defy gravity as they provide dramatic views of The Preserve’s natural beauty.  And uniquely American Air Streams, universally recognized by their distinctive lines and aluminum coating, bring an iconic brand to our iconic property.

“Our entire family are proud owners at The Preserve. Golf, Fishing, Shooting Sports, Snowmobiles, and some awesome food. Lodge was super cozy, and the staff is top notch. By far the finest Shooting Range and Sporting Shoppe hands down!”

Adam Vinatieri, NFL’s All Time Points Leader

“The Range at the Preserve is the finest indoor shooting range in the world, and their sporting clays courses are the best we’ve seen bar none.”
The Beretta Team

I’ve Traveled around the world visiting these communities, and The Preserve is by far the best sporting facility in the world.”

Larry Martin CEO & Founder of Field and Stream Product

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