Your Saddle is a Time Machine


​ Year-Round  | ​ 4+ years of age to participate

The Preserve Equestrian Center, beautifully created and deftly located within pristine grass fields, stands as a celebration of mankind’s enduring connections to Equus ferus caballus – most often a mutually enriching collaboration that has lasted for 5,500 years.

With direct access to an extraordinary trail system maintained by the State of Rhode Island, the Equestrian Center presents diverse riding experiences evocative of another time, when humanity understood that it did not come into this world, but rather emerged from it.

A large, insulated indoor arena ensures year-round accessibility and comfort for training at all levels of riding skills. Stables are meticulously maintained, and the finest care – from routine to intensive – is extended to all horses 24/7.

Let The Preserve design a personalized horseback riding vacation for you and your entire family. Activities also include guided trail rides, horseback riding lessons, carriage rides, and so much more.

The analogy is unavoidable: The Preserve has applied its celebrated high standards to the creation of a 5-Star resort for horses, and a gateway to adventures both calming and exciting for expert riders and newcomers alike.