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Welcome Home to The Preserve at Boulder Hills.

We are not defined merely by what we do, but also by how we choose to spend our time. The Preserve, a private sporting community dedicated to providing extraordinary experiences for the select families who call it their own private getaway.

The Preserve is not a club with members. We are a gathering of like-minded individuals who share and enjoy this beautiful land and who are dedicated to its preservation for the enjoyment of generations to come. This true legacy opportunity allows families to enjoy time together exploring the outdoors and cultivating memories that last lifetimes.

Located in Wyoming, Rhode Island just minutes from interstate 95, The Preserve is conveniently accessible. With private airports just miles away and a helipad onsite, your journey to your second home has never been so easy. Spanning more than 3000 acres the adventure is endless. Enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, fly fishing, or any other outdoor activity you could dream of. The Preserve hosts six fly fishing ponds, bird hunting fields, beautiful waterfalls, two zip line towers, rock climbing, mountain biking, nature walking, tennis, and a beautiful, but challenging 18 hole golf course carefully carved out of the natural landscape.

Bring your most trusted companions for a little friendly competition, or take your family on a nature hike and enjoy an afternoon picnic. The only thing you’ll need to bring? Your energy and the expectation to build life lasting memories.

The Preserve… this is the experience you’ve been waiting to own.



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The Preserve




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