Catch the Big One


 Seasonal |  8+ years of age to participate

Fishing is a way of life; a priceless opportunity to connect with nature. The Preserve stocks and meticulously maintains ten fly fishing ponds – the largest at ten acres – that inspire and challenge the most dedicated of anglers. Healthy populations of trout and bass await so you can immerse yourself in a serene natural wilderness.

Nestled next to the internationally renowned Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed, The Preserve is a dream destination for anyone looking to experience nature’s beauty. Lessons and equipment are available upon request, making it accessible to everyone.

In addition, Rhode Island offers more than 100 miles of coastline and The Preserve enjoys reciprocal relationships with saltwater fishing companies and the region’s best ocean experiences. Day trip for striped bass, overnight for a once-in-a-lifetime giant tuna experience, or spend a lovely afternoon bottom fishing around the Narragansett Bay, great for children.

Pricing Information: Call (855) 593-8473 for more info on pricing.

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