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Upgrade Your Luxury Vacay at The Preserve Sporting Club & Resort in Rhode Island

Published on June 26, 2024

Remember that thrill of going away to summer camp — likely somewhere wonderful, near lots of trees and lakes, and with outdoor activities all day long, and never really wanting to leave and go home?

Well, The Preserve Resort & Spa in Richmond, Rhode Island is kind of like that… but for adults. Only luxuriously and thoughtfully elevated.

Sitting on 3,500 acres, a visit to the resort is an entirely immersive experience. Even if you weren’t in the nation’s smallest state, this is a lot of land

And land, it seems, is sort of the point. A stay at The Preserve is equal parts about falling back in love with nature’s bounty and getting away from the constant buzzing hum of nearby cities and the stresses of modern day life… and the magnificence of the amenity-rich resort itself.

Where to Stay

Typically, once you decide which hotel or resort you’re staying in, this question has already been more or less decided, right?

But like everything at The Preserve, you’ll have an abundance of posh choices for accommodations — including luxurious private cabins, townhomes, tiny homes, a multi-bedroom suite in the Hilltop Lodge, an equestrian home and cottage where horses can graze right outside your doors, and soon, even an overnight stay in a Hobbit House.

Yes, you read that right. A Hobbit House. Why? Because The Preserve really does seem to have a little bit of everything.

Here with the kids? Or on a corporate retreat with the team? The Tiny Homes and private cabins are an ideal choice, offering a little extra seclusion for your group.

Dining at Double Barrel Steak at The Preserve
Indulge in gourmet dining at Double Barrel Steak, featuring exquisite dishes in a luxurious setting at The Preserve Sporting Club & Resort.

The adults-only Hilltop Lodge offers incredibly spacious, multi-bedroom suites, with every amenity of home from the modern, world-class kitchen and fridge stocked with beverages (including home-grown Rhode Island brews) to the peaceful tranquility in the bedroom as you overlook the never-ending canopy of trees that beckon you to come outside.

And come outside you will. Just as soon as you can pull yourself away from your cozy bed, outfitted in sumptuous Matouk linens. Because the only drawback of staying in such exquisite digs is: well… it’ll be tough to leave.

What to Do

At a property like The Preserve, the better question may almost be ‘what is there not to do?” because the resort seems to have an impossibly long list of amenities and activities… and that’s before you even start to think of visiting any of Rhode Island’s nearby beaches or neighboring towns.

Try to check off as many as you can, but be forewarned that it’s quite a daunting task when the list includes the Equestrian Experience, Clay Shooting, and an 18-hole Golf Course. And the resort is famous for having the longest indoor automated firing range in the country.

There’s also the Sporting Shoppe, a fitness center, pools (seasonally open), and lawn games that include shuffleboard, pickleball, tennis, basketball, archery, and more.

Safety is a key feature at The Preserve (as referenced above, several experiences include the use of firearms in protected areas) so staff will shuttle you between spaces to ensure everyone’s safety.

Ride in Chic Bentley Style

If you’re going to holiday in style, you want to ride in style too, right? Whether or not you opt to try your hand at their Off-Road Driving Experience (driving aficionados can enjoy a one-of-a-kind off-roading experience behind the wheel of a Bentley Bentayga vehicle), you can still ride shotgun in one throughout the property. It’s the official ride of the resort so they’ll also pick you up from the airport or train station, upon request, in the chic vehicles as well.

Relax at the OH! Spa

Nature’s great for relaxing and taking a breath. But so is a personalized massage.

The Preserve is home to OH! Spa — and checking into the spa is a treat in and of itself. The 12,000 square foot sanctuary is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that caters to their guests’ every relaxing wish… whether that’s a deep tissue massage, manicures, pedicures, an onsite hair salon, facials, or treatments for the entire body designed to nourish the skin.

It’s no surprise that massages are a hot ticket item here at The Preserve, where guests come unwind as well as get active, so it was lovely to experience their signature Custom Massage.

After entering the spa, you’ll soon be shown the locker rooms, where you’ll find a plush robe and towel waiting for you, along with slippers to wear throughout the spa, and a mini locker kit that includes a pre-packaged (i.e., hygienic) shower cap, razor, comb, cotton swab, cotton rounds, and makeup remover wipe.

After, give yourself over to the skilled masseuse who will personalize the full body massage to help ease soreness and relax tense muscles, using a mix of modalities to find your pressure spots. If you have injuries, make your therapist aware of any areas to avoid (or perhaps to give extra attention to), and you’ll leave feeling pampered, refreshed, and more relaxed than you may have felt for a while… hopefully, you can hold on to that sensation and carry it with you.

At least, until you can sked another session.

Spa amenities include an outdoor infinity pool as well as two large, heated whirlpools, and a cold plunge shower. Further relax in the serenity of the locker room’s saunas and steam showers.

The spa has an array of snacks available, including dried papaya and a club mix featuring a medley of mixed nuts — but guests can also order anything from the menu at the Double Barrel Steak restaurant to be enjoyed right by the infinity pool.

Better yet, indulge with a sip of bubbly and strawberries dipped in chocolate.

And if you want to take home a little of the magic, the spa also has an onsite gift shop, offering an array of beauty brands that include Phytomer, Knesko, Vie, and Lost Range… as well as beautifully designed robes and swimsuits.

Visit The Hobbit Houses

Hobbit Houses at The Preserve Sporting Club & Resort
The enchanting Hobbit Houses at The Preserve Resort offer a unique and magical experience for guests, blending luxury with fantasy.

If getting back to nature is the star of the show at The Preserve, a trek down to Middle Earth is like the extra bow at curtain call.

And whether or not you’ve ever found yourself daydreaming you were part of a Lord of the Rings remake… or dressing up for San Diego’s Comic-Con, you’ll still fall in love with the iconic Hobbit Houses. They’re so Instagram-friendly that it’d be hard not to want to take a photo shoot there. And photo shoot them I did.

There are currently three Hobbit Houses, and a fourth that is also a cabin to stay in overnight (better yet, several overnights) is on the way.

All of the enchanting houses are built right into the landscapes with a storybook-like charm — from the stone paths that lead up to them, through the individually carved and decorated, round wooden doors that swing open leading you into another entirely ethereal world.

I’ve heard some guests come primed with their own set of Lord of the Rings ears. And on special occasions, like Spring or Halloween, the staff decorates the Hobbit Houses with a cornucopia of flowers or pumpkins.

The Hobbit Houses are also a big part of a unique dining experience at the resort, with Maker’s Mark bourbon pairings and an upscale menu.

Kayaking on the River

It is a universally acknowledged truth that sitting anywhere by a river or lake will help refresh you and assist in soothing any frazzling nerves. Call it the rule of nature. Which, of course, is in dazzling abundance at The Preserve.

Kayaking on the nearby Wood River is another activity the resort offers. An experienced guide will take you and your party (solo riders are just as welcome) down to the water, where you can either ride side by side or opt for a tandem kayak. Beginners can easily do this activity, as they can go at their own speed or even ride with the guide.

Naturally, along with the paddles and kayaks, the resort has you covered with life preservers. Safety first, right?

Where to Eat

After a day enjoying the amenities, head to Double Barrel Steak at The Preserve, where they’ve brought some of that magic inside…

Because while the food is certainly the star of the restaurant, so too are the horse sculptures that stand elegantly perched between the plush booths. With decor that evokes the cozy yet expansive hunting lodge of your dreams, the restaurant also features large equestrian paintings on the walls.

For either lunch or dinner, you can order one of the staples of the menu — and that’s the DB Burger with 8 oz wagyu blend, cave aged cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, and B1 aioli, also served with house cut fries. Perhaps it’s because the deceptively simple burger isn’t really so simple at all, made from the world’s best beef. Or perhaps it’s because you’re dining at a four-star restaurant, but simply put: this is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

Want some lighter fare? Or perhaps you’re coming from a sesh at the spa? The restaurant has you covered with an appetizer serving of their lighter than air Lobster Dumplings — prepared with chili oil, tomato miso, basil, and preserved lemon. They’re so light that you’ll want to pair them with the equally delicious Tuna Tataki Aburi, topped with smoked shoyu, triad piquant poivron, wasabi crema, and onion ponzu salsa.

I met with Paul Mihaildes, Chairman of The Preserve, who told me I absolutely had to try the restaurant’s aptly, yet not-so-subtly named “Not So Humble” Key Lime Pie. So try it I did.

If you were thinking you needed to take a flight down to Key West to enjoy Key Lime Pie, you might want to think again. Topped with goldenberries and a fruit sauce, this is an award-winning pie, collecting the prestigious Editors’ Choice Desert accolade for RI Monthly. If you’re gonna go for broke, calorie-wise, may as well go for the best of the best.

For breakfast, the menu ranges from perennial classics like buttermilk pancakes and omelets to trendier options like avo toast or fried chicken and waffles.

I checked out the Bourbon Maple French Toast, garnished with candied walnuts and creme fraiche, along with a side of Greek Yogurt Parfait, topped with house-made granola, berry compote, and a medley of fresh berries. A hearty breakfast for anyone about to take on the day with one of The Preserve’s many activities. Also extra lovely to have brought to your room where you can enjoy on the balcony overlooking the Rhode Island countryside… or right in your plush bed.

Member of Preferred Hotels

The Preserve Resort & Spa is a member of the prestigious Preferred Hotels, representing some of the finest and most diverse global portfolios of independent hotel experiences.

Prices at The Preserve vary depending on the property you select as well as your dates, and can range from over $600 a night to a few thousand, should you book one of the larger residences such as a private townhome on the green.

SOURCE: KnockTurnal by Lauren Goldenberg

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