Unleash Your Imagination with Rhode Island's Enchanted Escapes

Published on February 8, 2024

Rhode Island itself is a storybook setting, filled with spots that seem conjured up by a wizard's spell. Whether it’s dragons, trolls, or botanical marvels you seek, our state offers a treasure trove of enchanting experiences that seem to leap from the pages of a fantasy novel.

Continue the Magic!

After you've had your fill of mythical marvels at the zoo, why not continue your quest for the quaint and curious within the state's borders? From whimsical gardens to fantastical dwellings, the Ocean State is a haven for those who delight in the charm of the extraordinary.

Hobbit Homes & Whiskey in Richmond

For a truly magical adventure, visit the Maker's Mark Hobbit Houses at The Preserve Sporting Club & Residences. Drawing inspiration from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, these delightful dwellings transport you to a whimsical world. It's not just the grand design that captivates; it's what’s in the details—from hobbit-proportioned furnishings and hand-painted murals to flickering candles and quaint charm designed to immerse you in the Shire. Step outside, and you'll find yourself surrounded by lush greenery that completes this otherworldly retreat. Additional information can be found online at ThePreserveRI.com

Dragons & Creatures at RWP Zoom

From April 7 through August 11, Roger Williams Park Zoo welcomes visitors to explore the "Dragons & Mythical Creatures" exhibit, a fantastical foray where legendary beasts and folklore come alive. Here, 60 life-size, animatronic creatures from tales of yore await to enchant and engage, from smoke-breathing dragons to the graceful glide of mermaids, the mysterious Loch Ness monster, noble griffins, and the elusive unicorn. The magic continues beyond the exhibit with a lineup of summer events: enjoy interactive bird shows, the family-friendly Dragons at Dusk evenings where families can journey back in time and enjoy an evening at the zoo, Sip & Stroll nights for adults, and sensory-friendly mornings tailored for individuals with autism spectrum disorders or sensory sensitivities. Tickets are available for purchase online at RWPZoo.org

Sculpted Splendor at the Topiary Gardens in Portsmouth

For an enchanting mix of playfulness, historical charm, and scenic allure, grab your picnic essentials and make your way to the Green Animals Topiary Garden. This unique garden, established in 1872, sprang from the imagination of affluent industrialist Thomas Brayton. Under the care and creativity of Joseph Carreiro, the estate's gardener, and his son-in-law, George Mendonca, the grounds evolved into an extraordinary landscape of topiary artistry, featuring over 80 sculpted plants and hedges shaped into various whimsical forms. Additional information can be found online at NewportMansions.org

Trolls on the Trail in Charlestown

Imagine strolling through Ninigret Park and coming face-to-face with a 50-foot troll – no, you're not in a fairy tale, but rather the beginning of what could be Rhode Island's most enchanting new attraction. The South County Tourism Council is brewing up a magical experience with the Troll Trail, featuring colossal sculptures by Danish artist Thomas Dambo, who skillfully crafts these mythical giants from recycled materials. These trolls aren't just towering works of art; they carry a message of conservation and community involvement. With the help of local volunteers, including the URI Master Gardeners’ Club and Chariho Career and Tech students, the South County Tourism Council is excited to reveal the first one or two of these benevolent behemoths by the upcoming summer. Addtional information can be found online at SouthCountyRI.com.

SOURCE: The Providence Journal