Couple and pony at Hobbit House amid vibrant spring blooms at The Preserve.

Hobbit Houses™ Adorned in Eternal Spring

Published on April 2, 2024

The Preserve Sporting Club and Residences promises to deliver to members and guests adventure, luxury, and serenity. And so it does. But those of us who love its 3,500 splendid acres and everything within them insist that there is a fourth promise worthy of note.

The Preserve is a magical place where fantasy becomes reality.

Fall under a magic spell this spring at The Preserve’s Hobbit House™ Photo Experience.

Through Sunday, May 5th, you and your guests can reserve a private half-hour timeslot at these enchanted locales to capture unforgettable photos that will take their places within collections of your families’ most treasured heirlooms .

Hobbit Houses™ first emerged from the imagination of the legendary J.R.R. Tolkien. Now the enchantments have come to life within The Preserve’s rolling, boulder-strewn hills. Follow paths through fields of multi-hued spring wildflowers, exhalations of sweet breath from the season of renewal. They lead to great, round wooden doors that serve as portals to a seeming alternate reality -- Tolkien’s Middle Earth, to be precise -- carved from walls of ancient stone.

Like all forms of magic, that residing around and within The Preserve’s Hobbit Houses™ comes to life only when the elixir of the human imagination is generously poured. Your experiences, to be shared with those you love, never will lose their grip on your own secret, ageless places. The photographs you preserve, themselves unique glimpses into your mind and spirit, will delight generations.

It has been written that The Preserve wears the seasons like they were couture. Spring dramatically unveils its new lines around and within the HOBBIT HOUSES™. And thanks to The Preserve’s Hobbit House™ Photo Experience, it all can be yours to live and love again and again.

The ultimate message? Preservation of these miracles is the mission not only of The Preserve, but of all humanity.

Please note: Maximum of four (4) guests per session. Larger groups will need to purchase additional sessions to accommodate the group. Additionally, please allow for travel time as guests will follow and will be escorted to the photo destination. Guests are required to bring their own photographer to ensure a personalized and memorable photo experience.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to capture unforgettable memories at The Preserve Sporting Club’s Hobbit House™.