Upland Bird Hunting

Upland Bird Hunting

The Preserve is renowned as New England’s best pheasant hunting destination. Set within 3,500 unspoiled acres, man and dog can experience pheasant hunting throughout 8 lush sorghum fields and across vast natural landscapes framed by deep woods. Whether you are shooting clean-up after one of our Continental Pheasant Hunts, or choose to reserve a morning for you and your friends for a private upland hunt, The Preserve can accommodate nearly any shooting experience. With expert guides and the best gun dogs provided, you are sure to enjoy an unparalleled pheasant hunting experience. In addition to pheasant hunting, upland hunting game can include chukars and quail.

High Tower Hunts

Our NEW European tower stands the tallest in the Northeast region at 210’ above its lowest station. With 12 stations, 24 shooters, and enough guides and dogs to support all of the fun, The Preserve is the latest and greatest in driven tower hunts this country has ever seen.

“The shot presentation was unlike anything I had ever experienced, the bird soared higher than I had ever seen in America.  This is type of European hunt everyone should experience. The great sounds of shotguns firing and friends applauding surrounded us, echoing over the high rough pitch of crackling roosters all around. For a moment it was quiet, we all took a breath and glanced over the wall to take it all in.”

-Todd Corayer; The Double Gun Journal

Field Trials

Being host to numerous fields, ponds, and obstacle course settings, The Preserve is a great location to express all of you and your companions needs. Its said that sometimes hunting is isn’t about hunting at all. The Preserve’s many upland fields double in as the prefect settings to test both your dog’s physical and mental toughness. Relax in our tranquil settings with just you and your dog, working together on our private 1000 acres.

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