The Lodge

The Lodge

 The Lounge at The Preserve at Boulder Hills

More than a Sporting Club

The Preserve at Boulder Hills presents a lifestyle that recognizes no distinction between the two components of that word; life– as nature creates it, and style– luxurious living profoundly enriched by nature and devoted to its preservation.

Enjoy a night out in our 25,000 square foot members’ lodge, treating yourself to gourmet dining, the finest wines and spirits, five-star service, and even a little shopping in our luxury retail space that reflects the tradition of history’s great expedition outfitters. This well-appointed lodge is complete with members’ lockers, lounge, bar, and elegant dining room.

If you would like to extend your visit by staying overnight, The Preserve will exceed any expectation when it comes to luxury accommodations. Should you choose to relax by the pool, or spend your time in the comfort of the members’ lounge, The Preserve will accommodate all your needs. Every square inch of The Preserve has been designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind. No detail has been spared to provide the most relaxing and luxurious setting imaginable. Take advantage of the lodge, or spend the weekend relaxing in one of our cabins inspired by rustic elegance. Looking for something a little different? Have a day of adventure exploring our yurts, tree houses, hobbit homes, or Air Streams. The only thing you’ll need to bring? Your imagination and the expectation to make lifelong memories. Home ownership is also available for those who want to call The Preserve home. Inquiries are welcome.

Dining at The Preserve is everything that a memorable experience should be. With a team of executive chefs studying different culinary techniques from across the globe, our specialty is your preference. Here at The Preserve you may enjoy a variety of dining settings including, large banquet halls, private dining rooms, hilltop 5 course spreads, or an intimate meal in your private cabin. In order to meet your every need, we have chefs staffed seven days a week, call ahead reservations available, an allergy sensitive kitchen, and world-class 5 course service. Treat yourself to a delectable and memorable dining experience with family and friends that only The Preserve at Boulder Hills can offer.

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