A true farm to table experience awaits you.

Farm to Table

Food that’s good for you and your soul

Stewardship is the recognition of our collective responsibility to retain the quality of our surrounds, most specifically speaking of the land. Here at The Preserve, we take pride in our conservation efforts and the preservation of our beautiful Rhode Island Landscape. Abutting the nearly 2500 acre Carolina Management Area, we are constantly modeling preservation traits we see utilized on our adjacent preserved open space, grasslands, and forestlands. Selective cutting, wildlife sanctuaries, and donated non-developable land, are just some of the many ways we, as Preserve Members, give back to nature for all that it lends us. From the earth to your plate, The Preserve at Boulder Hills serves only the finest, local ingredients to you and your family. We believe in a full circle, farm to table experience, only found in dining locations hosting their own private gardens. Our Chef, John Sweeny, has honed his craft over many years creating culinary delights for the most discerning palates. His Master Gardener green thumb is instrumental in curating The Preserve’s on-site garden. He masterfully prepares the freshest game dinners all from ingredients found within the gates.

A true farm to table experience awaits you.

The Preserve - European Style Tower Pheasant Hunt