During our recent 2019-2020 Continental Hunt Season, The Preserve was happy to host Gregg Elliot, Editor from Shooting Sportsman Magazine. You can read all about Mr. Elliot’s exhilarating experience at our world-renowned wing shooting event this past December, as well as his fantastic take on the Preserve sporting lifestyle in “Preserving Memories; Enjoying the Sporting Life at The Preserve”, a featured article in the current July-August 2020 issue of Shooting Sportsman Magazine.

We were in southern Rhode Island at The Preserve at Boulder Hills, a private resort that was wrapping up the second round of its December 2020 Holiday Cheer Shoot. Twenty-four guests were enjoying a Continental shoot that included a full breakfast, a 1,500-pheasant release, a dinner of filets topped with lobster, and Scotch and cigar pairings. Members had paid $2,000 for the event, and The Preserve staff was doing everything it could to make sure participants were getting their money’s worth. “Ammo?” the blonde woman again barked into her walkie-talkie. “This is John at the shop. I got it.” “Perfect,” she said. “Get it on the cart.” “How many boxes do you need?” “Send a case. The shooting’s hot up here today.” As the member waited, handlers whistled their dogs into action. A husky yellow Lab bounded out from the peg on our left but was outpaced by a Brittany sprinting from the right. The dogs retrieved one pheasant after another until the field was clear. When the ammo cart arrived, the member dumped yellow shells into her vest pocket and rejoined the action.

The Preserve at Boulder Hills is New England’s first “guntry club,” and for those who’ve dreamed of owning a sporting estate, it’s the place to be. Across 3,500 acres The Preserve offers enough activities to keep sportsmen busy year-round: a golf course, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a fitness center, 12- and 18-station sporting clays courses, two 5 Stand setups, a Continental-shoot layout, and 300 acres of fields for upland hunting. There’s also fly fishing, ziplining, ATV trails and rock-climbing walls as well as plans to add an equestrian center. Add to that lodging options and a luxury clubhouse that can accommodate a couple of hundred guests. And in the future there will be more lodges, a hotel and a helicopter pad for quick access from anywhere.


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