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Presenting the Finest sportsmen’s club in the Northeast, The Preserve Club & Residences

Our Community, The Preserve also comes with additional club affiliations such as; Air Stream To-Go, Private Jet Services, and Barton & Gray. Our reciprocal agreements with these clubs gain you access to their facilities and services, including the two elite transportation groups. Proximity to excitement is really what sets us at The Preserve apart from the rest.

Located 1 mile off interstate 95 in Richmond, Rhode Island, we at The Preserve pride ourselves on all of the great adventures awaiting both in and outside of our property. With a private airfield 5 miles down the road, getting to The Preserve will be one of the easiest trips you’ll take.

The Preserve is no more than 20 minutes from 3 commercial airports. Helicopters have specified landing areas on site, all in close proximity to the main Lodge. In addition, the West Kingston AMTRAK is 6 miles away and operates on a daily schedule. Private transportation can also be arranged by our concierge.

Our Community The Preserve Wood River

Wood River

The Wood River located in Southwestern Rhode Island is a protected and beneficial source of water to the Northeast Corridor. The Wood River is actually one of the last remaining pristine bodies of water of the Northeast between New York and Boston, the river being so pure is one of the main reasons the River is known by several people. The Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association has a mission to protect the land and water of the Wood-Pawcatuck River from any pollution, such as boating, in order to protect the water sources for over ten towns. The River has been considered one of the most untouched for several years, and it is because of the Wood-Pawcatuck Water Association, WPWA, we can thank for this.The Preserve was more than happy to partner with this association to combine our efforts to protect and manage this beautiful Rhode Island body of water.

Carolina Management Area

The Preserve abuts the Carolina Management Area and allows our members to filter over to the adjacent land and enjoy all that it has to offer. This National Forest covers a total land area of 2,359 acres. The area is composed of primarily forest cover (evergreen 960 acres, deciduous 456 acres), wetlands (280 acres) and agricultural lands (134 acres) making up the balance. The DFW maintains approximately 42 management fields for the purpose of increasing food and cover for game and non-game wildlife.

Our Community The Preserve Carolina Management Area
Our Community The Preserve Carolina Management Area

Arcadia Management Area

The Preserve is located just four miles away from the largest contiguous wooded area in the state of Rhode Island. At over 14,000 mostly forested acres, the Arcadia Management Area is the state’s largest recreational area, offering users a great variety of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Arcadia is actively managed for hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding, and more. Multiple use management principles apply, assuring a safe and satisfying experience for hunters and non-hunters alike.

Miles of gravel roads and well-marked and maintained trails entice hikers to return to a different section each visit. These same trails are often used by mountain bikers or horseback riders. Fishing and boating are allowed in Breakheart and Frosty Hollow Ponds – the latter, with a handicapped accessible fishing platform, is reserved for budding anglers 14 years old or under.  Canoeists and kayakers can enjoy Wood River’s Class I and Class II stream rating that assures an unforgettable outdoor experience for both novice and experienced enthusiasts. A designated canoe launch area is found at the Deer Check Station on Route 165, and there are put-in or take-out areas at each major road crossing. Horseback riders can enjoy camping at the Reynold’s Horseman Area. Walk in camping is also available, by permit, at the Backpack Area, and a shelter is available for overnight rental at the Frosty Hollow Pond Recreation area.

Barton & Gray Mariners Club

Boating has been a Rhode Island trading since the conception of our fine state back in 1790. Since their conception, Barton & Gray have been at the top of the fleet, leading this trend for over 15 years.. They offer Membership in a fleet of crewed Hinckley Yachts throughout the Eastern seaboard. You’ll have unlimited access to the entire fleet, all year long. You’ll have a crew organizing and facilitating incredible experiences on the water, in the most desirable ports and destinations. Our members have all the joys of yachting in their life without any of the hassle. As a Preserve Member, you are allowed access to Barton & Grays Hinckley located right down the street in Newport for discounted rates and a guaranteed memorable experience.

Our Community The Preserve Barton and Gray Mariners Club
Our Community The Preserve Private Jet Service

Private Jet Service

The Preserve has a personal relationship with PJS Private Jet Service’s group. They started from a New Hampshire base, and flipped the standard aviation model on its head to provide a consultancy aviation approach with an inherent dedication to detail. That was back in 2003, and this personalized local approach is still a core tenet of our business. They work 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, ever-ready to dispatch aircraft or fast-track a commercial carrier for your needs. There will always be an experienced consultant available to assist in trip planning or respond to any mission-critical situation. Any location, any time, The Preserve, also with PJS provides the perfect concierge for all of our member’s next trip.

New York City, NY – 2.5 hrs South

1. Central Park
2. Empire State Building
3. Statue of Liberty
4. Times Square
5. Museum of Modern Art
6. Rockefeller Centre
7. American Museum of Natural History
8. Top of The Rock
9. Madison Square Garden
10. The High Line

Our Community The Preserve New York City
Our Community The Preserve Hartford

Hartford, CT – 1.5 hrs South

1. Mark Twain House
2. Wadsworth Atheneum
3. Connecticut Science Centre
4. Talcott Mountain State Park
5. Foxwoods Resort and Casino
6. The Glass House
7. Keney Park
8. Harriet Beecher Stowe House
9. Bushnell Park
10. Mystic Aquarium

Boston, MA – 1.25 hrs North

1. Freedom Trail
2. Faneuil Hall
3. New England Aquarium
4. Boston Common
5. Fenway Park
6. Public Garden
7. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
8. Boston Harbour
9. Newbury Street
10. World Class Shopping

Our Community The Preserve Boston

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