Golf At The Preserve

The Serene Challenge of Golf

Front Nine

HOLE #1 - 147 YARDS
HOLE #1 – 147 YARDS
Playing from the highest point on the property the 1st hole requires a slight drop shot down to a softly moving green, rolling from the lower left to the upper right half. The green is set in at an angle against a sharp slope. Short left will leave you in one of a series of grass hollows having to play back up to the green. There is also an opportunity to run the ball on the surface from a sweeping approach at the right edge of the green.
HOLE #2 - 179 YARDS
HOLE #2 – 179 YARDS
The 2nd is all about placement on the green. The hole plays downhill to a very undulating green that is shaped as a continuation of the 12th green. A bold swale bisects the surface so it is imperative that the placement of the tee shot is on the proper level with the pin. Missing left will find a deep bunker shot from 15 feet below the surface.
HOLE #3 - 165 YARDS
HOLE #3 – 165 YARDS
On the 3rd the player must manage a dramatic carry over a lower pond framed by a 40-foot waterfall to a perched green, subtly redan in style. The front half of the green is receptive leading to a crossing ridge at the center of the green. The surface then falls away toward the back left with bunkering behind. Short and right greenside bunkers provide an angular frame to the tee shot.
HOLE #4 - 163 YARDS
HOLE #4 – 163 YARDS
Resting down in a lower meadow, the 4th provides a great look with a large meandering bunker sprawling along the left of the green. Another smallish mitt bunker sits quietly and conspicuously short of the green ready to grab the poorly hit tee shot.
HOLE #5 - 150 YARDS
HOLE #5 – 150 YARDS
The 5th is deceptively long as you move to back tees. A hidden, but very strong greenside bunker is cut into the right half of the green. The surface can be described as moving softly with many pin locations. Anything long will fall sharply off the back slope of the green resulting in a difficult recovery back to the surface.
HOLE #6 - 136 YARDS
HOLE #6 – 136 YARDS
The large gaping bunker stretching across the front of the green will certainly get you attention. The complex rests comfortably into a long slope rising up behind the green. The green slopes gradually from right to left…except for the “dinner table” at the upper right corner.
HOLE #7 - 177 YARDS
HOLE #7 – 177 YARDS
Playing over a large natural brush area, the 7th is uphill to the eye as well as deceptively protected. The bunkering is meant more to break the sightline from tee to green and highlight the natural elements of the site, than to protect any pin positions. The green is smallish and moves just a bit from right to left. You need to get there, otherwise the hillside bunkers might catch you, or if missed short left you will roll into the “Valley of Sin”.
HOLE #8 - 162 YARDS
HOLE #8 – 162 YARDS
My personal favorite, this shortish hole plays havoc with the eye as it feels uphill, but really plays along a level plane. The green is large and sprawling with too many fun pin locations to mention. Visually, a natural rock outcrop and fronting bunker seem to frame the right half of the green, but the surface meanders well to the right of the rock providing a tasty back right pin location. Short left and you’re in the fronting bunkers…long right you might find the roll off approach cut.

HOLE #9 - 161 YARDS
HOLE #9 – 161 YARDS
Walking off the 8th green puts you right onto the 9th tee looking down through the fescues to a deep green tucked into the corner of the property. The “unseen” feature on the hole is the biarritz from well short of the green. This visually lengthens the hole, as players will tend to come up short of the green. Bunkers punched into the green on the left and right side frame a surface that runs slowly upgrade from front to back.
The Preserve

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