Golf At The Preserve

The Serene Challenge of Golf

Back Nine

HOLE #10 - 128 YARDS
HOLE #10 – 128 YARDS
Short, but stout. The 10th is a short iron to a small, benched green with trouble on both sides. A wedge over the meadow put on the proper tier will get the job done. Hillside bunkers on the right and a low-cut bunker on the left will swallow up shots offline. Beware of the greenside swale at the front right.
HOLE #11 - 240 YARDS

 HOLE #11 – 240 YARDS
Long ride home. The 11th may require the big stick from the back tees. The corridor of the hole is designed to throw balls onto the green if you carry the short right bunker. A slight draw with a 3- wood might be just right to catch the ramp onto the green. A large left bunker looks you right between the eyes when standing on the tee.

HOLE #12 - 190 YARDS
HOLE #12 – 190 YARDS
The hole reminds me a prehistoric setting with the large boulders protruding from the green-fronting pond. There is plenty of room beyond the pond for a safe bailout right of the green. The serpentine valley that starts on the 2nd hole finds its way through the left center of the 12th green leaving precarious pins along the left or right plateaus.
HOLE #13 - 178 YARDS
HOLE #13 – 178 YARDS
From a large angled benched tee, the 13th plays over a small waterfall and feeder into the southernmost pond. Carry the pond to a high approach to the green. The green works upward from front to back adding a half club to the tee shot. A rock outcropping sneaks up along the right of the green, while a deep bunker grabs balls missed left.
HOLE #14 - 130 YARDS
HOLE #14 – 130 YARDS
Though short, this hole provides plenty of visual stimulation. A classic strip-bunker mirrors a large ledge outcrop running along the left side of the hole. At the right, a smallish pot bunker sits inside its larger counterpart resembling a hand holding a ball. The green falls off slightly at the back right.
HOLE #15 - 192 YARDS
HOLE #15 – 192 YARDS
The 15th plays down to a tabletop green that feeds well hit shots into the center of the green. The surrounds fall off sharply at the front and on the right. Bunkers built into the rock faces behind the green give this picture its natural frame.
HOLE #16 - 208 YARDS
HOLE #16 – 208 YARDS
One the most challenging holes on the course. Its positioning in the round and the demand of the tee shot to find the green will get the attention of all players. Anything hit too short will find the pond. A narrow fairway falling off on the left and right provides a very narrow hallway to run balls up. The greenside bunkering wraps around the left side and behind.
HOLE #17 - 161 YARDS
HOLE #17 – 161 YARDS
A natural meadow hole that gives the player a bit of a breather, and some flexibility to miss the green a bit. Short is OK, and left will find a large pitch area allowing for a reasonable play back onto the green. A bunker is tucked into the right front corner of the green.
HOLE #18 - 158 YARDS
HOLE #18 – 158 YARDS
Coming home will require placing your ball in the proper quadrant on the green. The narrow surface stretches nearly 130 feet from front to back, leaving a long putt if left well short of a back pin. Soft bunkers left and right protect the green. A large pine stands guard at the front left of the green causing players to think through the trajectory of their shots.
The Preserve

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