You laid out your clothes last night so you’re ready for your big day. You step out onto the deck with your morning coffee and brush the dirt from the bottom of your shoes with careful intention. You’ve placed your bag gently outside of the door and double check to make sure you’re supplies are in order. As you head to the clubhouse to check in, you place your bag in a cart and change your shoes. Grabbing your pencil and scorecard, you’re ready for your day of golf.

After fastidiously organizing your balls and tees in their designated place in the cart, you take a sip of water and turn the key. You take a breath of fresh air as you step on the gas and head to the first hole. Residue of the early morning dew still rests on the grass not yet beaten by the morning sun. The air, still crisp with remnants of the night invigorates you for your morning round. The cart jostles you into reality and you gently depress the brake.

As you pull up to the first tee box contemplating which club will get you on the green, you scrutinize your ball for imperfections. You pull out an iron for the par three and press a short tee low into the ground. After carefully placing your ball, you step back to take a practice swing; and then you approach. Following a concise backswing, you follow through with awesome power and precision. As your club hits the ball you exhale, watching the white orb head to its destination. You hop in the cart to head to the spot of your next shot. You’re just at the edge of the green, so you decide to putt. It’s a clean shot, but you just miss. You sink the second putt and mark your score.

You repeat each hole with care and precision, an ode to the meticulous landscape in front of you. Eighteen painstakingly maintained greens on manicured grounds fit for a king offer an unmatched playing experience. After you sink the last put, you shake hands with your fellow golfers and head to the clubhouse for a bite to eat to round out the day.

Welcome to Rhode Island’s only four-season sporting retreat. Join fellow golfers on the 18-hole executive golf course designed by award-winning architect Robert McNeil at The Preserve at Boulder Hills. The Par 3 course embraces the natural landscape while evoking one of the most challenging executive courses in the Northeast. For more information on golf at The Preserve at Boulder Hills, click here. Interested in participating in “The Greatest Day in Golf?” The Preserve 18 is back on September 26 and features $1 million-dollar hole-in-one options on each and every hole. For more information or to register for The Preserve 18, click here.

By Christine M. Petrarca, Mott & Chase


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Preserving Memories – Enjoying the sporting life at The Preserve

During our recent 2019-2020 Continental Hunt Season, The Preserve was happy to host Gregg Elliot, Editor from Shooting Sportsman Magazine. You can read all about Mr. Elliot’s exhilarating experience at our world-renowned wing shooting event this past December, as well as his fantastic take on the Preserve sporting lifestyle in “Preserving Memories; Enjoying the Sporting Life at The Preserve”..

Preserving Memories; Enjoying the Sporting Life at The Preserve


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