Sporting Clays Course

12-Station Compact Clays Course

12-Station Compact Clays Course

Shooting sports are the heart and soul of The Preserve

Sporting Clays Course at “The Preserve”. 12-Station Compact Clays Course features manicured shooting stations set amid naturally tall field grasses.  These 12 wood-framed stations take thoughtful advantage of the landscape’s changing height elevations to provide sporting enthusiasts varietal shooting positions in a picturesque and natural setting.

Shooting Sports at The Preserve Club & Residences

Presenting the Newest Sportsmen’s Club in the Northeast

The Preserve offers a wide variety of sporting game in a private setting. Whether your interests are upland birds, fowl, or larger game, The Preserve provides you the opportunity to experience it all. Shooting sports are the heart and soul of The Preserve. We host 2 sporting clays courses, a skeet field, and a trap field is underway. In addition, the Range at the Preserve boasts 16 lanes at 100 feet, and 4 additional rifle lanes at 150 yards, making it the longest indoor underground shooting range in the country. Hunting is equally important to us. Whether it be native or stocked game, we here at The Preserve provide the perfect environment for a host of different sporting experiences.

19-Station Sporting Clays Course

20As the Northeast’s premier sporting club and destination for shooting sports enthusiasts, The Preserve is proud to reveal our recently expanded 19-Station Sporting Clays Course. Here, members may walk or drive along wooded paths to 19 artfully constructed shooting pavilions with challenging prospects on a variety of open fields with diverse and rugged landscapes.

Preserve 5-Stand

Whether rain, shine, or snow, members may enjoy the Preserve’s two covered and heated 5-stand courses that provide 10 shooting positions and are beautifully built into the wraparound deck of a rustic and inviting hunting lodge.

The Preserve

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