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A Day in the Life: Golf at The Preserve at Boulder Hills

You laid out your clothes last night so you’re ready for your big day. You step out onto the deck with your morning coffee and brush the dirt from the bottom of your shoes with careful intention. You’ve placed your bag gently outside of the door and double check to...

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We’re Always Busy at The Preserve at Boulder Hills

Because of the temperate winter and spring, our construction team is running ahead of schedule! So far we have completed five of our private homes. Two have already sold, and three are for sale. To tour them, please contact Our target...

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The Preserve Open

Considering the overwhelming interest in a Pro-Am event, The Preserve will also be hosting a Pro-Am classic on June 22, 2017. This event is a scheduled PGA Format Pro-Am event. Each PRO will have a chance to play for the LARGEST Purse in the Region (up to...

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The Greatest Day in Golf Returns

THE PRESERVE 18 RETURNS THIS SEPTEMBER 26, 2017 Celebrities and amateur golfers alike return to The Preserve at Boulder Hills as the Greatest Day in Golf comes back to New England, September 26, 2017. The Preserve 18 is unlike any other event, participants have a...

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A Perfect Preserve – By John Steinbreder

The area that runs from Washington D.C. to Boston is often called the Northeast Corridor, and as a longtime resident of a state in the heart of that region, I rue how overpopulated and heavily developed it has become. Read more
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